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Dealing Office is successfully used in:

To the web page of DealingOffice – a program package for complex automation of Internet-trading.

DealingOffice allows:
  • to create a dealing desk or electronic trading platform for trading in the FOREX market with small capital outlays and in a very short time.
  • the dealers to watch the trading process, make deals for sale and purchase of financial instruments at current market prices, receive necessary information about clients’ accounts.
  • the clients to receive news and quotes in real-time mode, watch the state of their account, provide technical analysis of the charts, using different technical indicators.
This web site is for:
  • banks and brokerage companies, planning to organize currency dealing in the foreign exchange market (FOREX) and transfer a part of their services to Internet-trading.
  • companies and individuals, planning to organize a dealing centre or a brokerage company and receive a stable income in the Internet.
  • affiliates and representatives of brokerage companies and dealing centers interested in independent work.
  • all persons interested in forex trading through the Internet and discovering new opportunities for their investments.

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