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Development of Internet technologies created a new generation of bank’s clients, who value their time and use latest technological achievements. Banks and brokerage companies, trying to attract new clients, very often think of widening their range of services, with the help of Internet technologies. Online trading today is an attractive sphere to many potential clients located outside the region where the bank is situated.

We offer our services of organizing the department of currency operations and Internet-trading. They include:

  1. Consulting on organizational matters and Internet-trading (risk-management, online marketing and etc.)
  2. Training the personnel (dealers and managers)
  3. Assistance in choosing and purchasing necessary equipment.
  1. No need to create your own trading platform
    To create your own trading platform you have to find qualified programmers and specialists in the foreign exchange market and bear all the operating costs during the whole period of developing the software. It takes several months or even years to make a good software product. Errors in the new software may spoil the image of your company. You will spend a lot of time and money and nobody will guarantee the positive result.
  2. Constant development of the trading terminal
    Unlike other trading platforms our software is constantly developed in accordance with requests of our clients and clients of our partners. It makes possible to provide the maximum quality of servicing your clients. Within a certain period you will receive all renewed releases of the current version free of charge.
  3. Customized trading platform
    When purchasing the trading software you may order additional features specially for the needs of your company at very favorable terms.
  4. Technical support
    With the “DealingOffice” software you receive round-the-clock technical support. Our specialists will help you to solve all possible problems in the usage of the software and give professional advise on technical questions.


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