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The world foreign exchange market allows its participants to exchange different currencies. Exchange rates determine relative quantity of each currency in this exchange.
FOREX today has a daily turnover of more than 3 bln. USD which is much higher than turnovers of other world markets. The volumes of bought and sold currencies are optional as well as settlement days, there are no standard lots in this market.

Participants of this market use FOREX for achievement of different goals, such as:

Trade and investment process
Importing companies buy foreign currency in order to buy goods abroad and sell in their country. Exporting companies earn money in foreign currency, which should be exchanged for their national currency for covering their operational expenses etc.

Foreign trade companies always run the risk that the exchange rate of their national currency will change relative to the currency, which is used in the country of their trading activities. Unfavorable change of the exchange rate may lead to serious losses. Foreign exchange market allows companies to insure themselves against these risks and, accordingly, lower the probability of possible losses.

Exchange rates change in accordance with the supply and demand for each currency. Traders may get profit buying the currency at lower rates and selling it at higher rates. Most operations in FOREX are connected with speculating deals.

FOREX is Over-The-Counter market and operates round-the-clock in financial centers of the world. But a number of currency instruments – derivatives – are traded in exchanges.
Early in the morning trading starts in Asia, then as financial centers open it moves to Europe and at last – to America.

Dealing Office software allows you to organize the process of buying and selling currencies on the virtual trading desk, which is formed by a certain number of currency traders – clients of your company.
Trading is made in real-time at the quotes received from information source.
The trading terminal of the trader allows to make technical analysis on the charts with different time intervals and send orders for making deals. The terminal also contains information on the state of the client’s account and the history of his operations.
Dealer’s terminal allows to control the process of making deals, analyze the state of the market and receive necessary information on clients’ accounts.
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